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IP Blocking as a Service

We at ShinobiDevs are always into building small, useful tools to help us achieve larger goals. In one of our recent projects the client requested an easy way to manage the list of countries from which users can access their app.

So IPBouncer was born

What is it?

IPBouncer is basically a rule system with a simple, single endpoint API that enforces access restrictions on IPs. IPBouncer allows the user to create an app and set it up with some rules such as:

  • Block a specific IP address
  • Block a subnet.
  • Block access from a specific country.

How to use it?

Easy, go to http://ipbouncer.co, sign up for a free account and then create your application and rules. Right after that, simple make a call to the API endpoint such as:


You’ll get a JSON response of something like:

{ requested_ip: 'ip_address', status: 'ok|banned' }

What’s next?

Honestly? no idea, at this point we are open to suggestions / feedback / hate-mails. We are considering the option of adding maybe some throttling support, Javascript widget and such.

Again, feedback is welcome.