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Looking for Beta Testers - Admonetize.me

We have recently opened the gates for our new project, admonetize.me.

Admonetize.me is a Twitter follower monetization platform. We offer Twitter users the option to convert their common follower interest into a steady income.

How does it work?

After logging in using Twitter, you’ll be asked to select your follower interests from our wide variety of ad categories, set the amount of ads you agree to be posted on your behalf per day and finally - set the price for click you ask for.

From this point on, we’ll allow publishers to queue ads to your account. you’ll have enough time to review those ads - approve or reject them and prevent unwanted spam hitting your followers.

When your followers convert (a.i: clicking a the ad link) you get paid. that’s it.

Closed Beta?

We are currently aiming to collect 10,000 users for our closed beta, all you’ll need to do is to sign up for our beta @ admonetize.me and we’ll let you know when we open our doors.

Not interested?

That’s fine. but we’ll appreciate if you’ll spread the word anyway and share this post or the admonetize.me url in the social networks.