A Developer with a Pencil

Pirating Breaks My Heart

Being a software developer is a fun thing to do, right?

You get to create cool apps, contribute to opensource and over be a modern De Vinci - even if only in your own mind.

But it’s not all fun and games - Just like a painting artist, a sculpture, a singer or a band you put in a lot of effort in creating your art and your code and everyone knows how good it is that people appreciate your work and show it (paying is great, but forks and open source contributions are awesome as well).

This is why I don’t get people that work in this industry and download software, music or movies illegaly.

This post comes after reading a few articles about a certain open sourced MacOS app that allows you to watch movies straight off torrents, described and praised as “Netflix Killer”.

I am not going to use the name of this app here because I don’t want to be even slightly responsible to even one single download of this thing.

This app and its website were taken down by authorities a few times and it just came back up like most of those shitty ripoffs tend to stay alive. But now, I learned about it from My facebook feed - it seems that one (maybe the only) author of this app is a developer in one of the most recently highly Israeli based Startups. He praised the fact that Hollywood “Can’t catch him” and he’ll “be happy to see who wins”.

You know? that’s just lame.

You are a developer, you create software for a living (i doubt the quality, but still) - you are a member of a respctful company and this is what you do? steal from others? what would you say if one of the 1000s of 1000s of far east based web-app-duplicator is going to steal your own_ code? you’d scream and cry like a baby. I guess it’s easier to steal from others, not so nice when someone steals from you.

I can’t grasp the fact that web developers feel it is ok to steal someone else’s work. During my time @ Fiverr.com we got to see about 50 clones (sites that look and act like Fiverr) per day, this was beyond annoying and grew even more after we found out that sometimes they just copied the Fiverr source code off the browsers. Yap, my own HTML comments were on at least 100 clones.

The point is, why would you steal another (wo)man’s work? I’ve pinged this question around the interwebs and got a few possibly reasonable reasons:

  • “NetFlix is not available in my country”

Not a reason to steal, sorry. Spoof your location and get Netflix like responsible adults do.

  • “But games cost a shitload in Israel!”

So does a Ferrari. Not a reason to steal, sorry.

STEALING IS STEALING no matter how you put it, if you get something you should have paid for without paying for it - you suck.

I think that developers, whom I consider as artists no less than musicians or painters, should pay the respect for other people’s work and products. In ShinobiDevs we do not pirate software, we buy everything with good, hard earned money and we do not support pirated software or any kind of theft that disrespects our very own profession and ourselves.

In conclusion, That kind of people disgusts me. If he or any of his “colleagues” was working in ShinobiDevs, he would have been fired on the spot - I hope his employers will find it as the right to do it as well. Someone who has no respect for laws, rules and proper professional curtesy should have no place in this industry.