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Rails Bugmash in Israel

Last week, in August 30 - We held a Rails hunt & destroy bugmash in Israel with the unbelieveable courtesy of Ebay Innovation Center in Israel.

This bugmash was born as a result of a discussion in the Israeli Rails group and lead to an amazing event, About 40+ members of the Israeli Rails developers community, including awesome people from Google/Waze, Simplee, Fiverr, Scoreoid and a lot more freelancers and Rails lovers gathered in the Ebay innvation center in Israel at 9:00am (Yes, early as fuck) to hunt down some Rails bugs.

During this day, we used a special application we developed to allow people to choose and take ownership on Rails github issues - which resulted in 15 pull-requests and 1 merge to master so far.

It was an amazing event, that showed the power of the Israeli Rails community - and although we weren’t successful in finding a Rails core member willing to help us online - We managed to get something out of this day. A list of solved bugs and a wonderful day to Open Source.

I would like to thank the awesome guys (and girl) @ the Ebay innovation center, on crafting this event, getting us a south american mean buffet and providing us with an amazing office workspace that helped us achieve this wonderful result - I hope it wasn’t the last time that we are doing it.

You can read more on the Ebay innovation center blog post and see us in action in these pictures.

Hoping to see more of you there next time!