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Joining AppsScrolls!

In the last couple of weeks I needed to boot up some new rails apps, all of them had the same skeleton structure including Devise, Bootstrap, RSpec and so on.

I remembered that there was an attempt to tackle this repetitive skeleton app generation process by Michael Bleigh’s RailsWizard so I pinged Intridea on Twitter and asked what was the status of it.

It seemed that RailsWizard isn’t maintained for a long time, but Dr Nic took over it a while ago and formed AppScrolls.

After a short conversation he happily added me to the contributors list so now I am a very proud co-maintainer of a very awesome gem.

Currently the plans are to add some missing scrolls, such as some mongo adapters and some testing frameworks. Hit me up if you are missing something - or even better, fork and pull-request.