A Developer with a Pencil

Bag O' Links - 24/5/2010

Phew! it was a long time since i last posted Bago’. Israel keeps me busy.


  • jsChat – a nice chat engine using javascript and MongoDB.
  • Google Fonts API – nice, font-face will get a boost from this one. (here are the fonts)
  • fancy-buttons – Easily style buttons with beautiful CSS3 features like gradients, rounded corners, etc. Don’t worry the buttons also degrade nicely for browsers with no support. requires Compass though, which is annoying.
  • ZeroMQ – java based MQ manager. looks great.
  • ShowOff – presentations made simple. wicked.
  • Google’s S3? – Storage for developers.
  • to_xls – convert objects to excel spreadsheets.
  • KingSOA – KingSoa orchestrates a SOA landscape, by knowing where services live and how to call them.
  • Linkscape – a library to access SEOmoz’s API.
  • ActiveCart – a basic shopping cart implementation.
  • MongoHub – native MacOS MongoDB GUI.