A Developer with a Pencil

Bag O' Links - 22/4/2010


  • ActiveSupport::SecureRandom – not many people are familiar with this AS tool, a useful code generator.
  • Programming for Kids – A community book like those old BASIC books where kids typed in source code to play a game. Fork and write!.book is here
  • akihabara – HTML5 Arcade games engine. this. is. fun.
  • OAuth2 gem – is out, with the new Facebook API example.
  • iCuke – Cucumber support for iPhone development.
  • GoogleSharing – pulling the “kansas city shuffle” on Google.
  • jsPlumb – visually connect between DOM elements. wicked.
  • require_gist – require a Github Gist. lolz.
  • House of Buttons – a collection of awesome UI buttons.