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Bag O' Links - 13/4/2010

i’ve got 909 tickets but a rant ain’t one.

Rails. you know it right?

yeah, sure you do, if you are using this blog most odds are that you are using rails or at least interested in it a little bit.
In my opinion our lovely Rails is a little bit sick, it has too many stale/open tickets/patches that somehow managed to skip the radar in the entire Rails 3 luau.

Well, uncle Rails needs you!

I am not going to re-write or repeat what my friends Ryan Bigg, Dan Pickett and Kristopher Murata wrote, but i’ll just say this.

  • find some free time and help make Rails a little better.
  • yes, even you, the person that started working with Rails 3 days ago can help, ask us how.

I am not hiding the fact that i am deeply disappointed with the way some of the decisions were made within the Rails 3 marathon, but that doesn’t mean that i am going to give up that easily and you too, the person who is frustrated with Rails 3 bugs, compatibility issues and black holes can join in and try to help us bring it back to the way we all like it.

now, for the fun stuff.



  • HoneyPot-Captcha – Honeypot captchas work off the premise that you can present different form fields to a spam bot than you do to a real user. Spam bots will typically try to fill all fields in a form and will not take into account CSS styles.
  • jStorage – a simple wrapper plugin for Prototype, MooTools and jQuery to store data on browser side.
  • Storable – Marshal Ruby classes into and out of multiple formats (yaml, json, csv, tsv). Solutious actually have a bunch of other interesting tools.
  • Instant Blueprint – quickly generate HTML, CSS and even a JS lib of your choice.
  • Holland backup framework – another great release from Rackspace, this time it’s an Open Source backup framework.
  • reviewr – send code review requests using git. minions, prepare yourselves.
  • Updated pimped command line – barking iguana is one of my favorites.
  • Modernizr- pretty awesome, a “conditional” CSS/JS solution for HTML5/CSS3 support in browsers. wicked.
  • Websockets with Ruby – examples.
  • …and WebSockets for inferior browsers – guess which ones.
  • Apotomo – build rails applications using widgets/“cells”. looks interesting.
  • FailIRCIRC server and client.
  • OHM – Object-Hash-Mapping. store objects in Redis.
  • ice_cube – Recurring dates DSL. that’s… nice.