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CannedCukes - Share Your Features!

In the past few weeks i had the pleasure of working on some projects from the kind that i like to call “OMFG WHO DID THIS!?” projects, also knows as Rescue projects.

We usually take the head-first dive into the testing pool when we first encounter such horror, but when we came to do it pretty often we kind of created a “Feature wiki”: a preset list of cucumber’s .feature files that can be moved and shared between applications.

We didn’t keep the *_step files because the actual implementation varies between applications but the main concept, the feature, stays as is.

So then, i created CannedCukes, a horribly-graphically-designed application that allows users to share their features and scenarios with others, and by that improving overall community testing_fu skills.

i hope so, at least :)

For now you can only add your own features and scenarios, search other scenarios and download them as text.

later me or the army of collaborators the will rise will code:

  • A gem that will ease feature submission directly to the application from a project root.
  • a way to fork someone else’s scenario and add it to one of your own features.
  • BETTER DESIGN OH GOD PLEASE. i am really bad with colors. :)

If you want to join me, just fork away and pull request (yes yes, it’s on github :) ).