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Bag O' Links - 21/3/2010

Rails developers needed in Israel.

In a few weeks from now, Nautilus6 is going to get a new shiny branch in Israel. This obviously means, that we need some new kick-ass Ruby on Rails developers to fill our new team.
We are basically looking for people that love web, love to make cool applications and are not afraid from taking up challenges every once in a while. We offer a full-time position in various aspects of web development (Yeah you javascript ninjas and designers are welcome too) and we don’t even force you to come and work in an office so if you want to stay home, that’s fine.

I am aware that there is a currently low Ruby on Rails developer count in Israel, therefore we do offer some training plans for those who currently work using other frameworks and development stacks and introduce them to eternal happiness and joy.

General requirements are pretty much standard:

  • Having prior experience with Ruby on Rails is a HUGE plus.
  • Knowing your way around CSS (2, 3 is cool too), Standard HTML and Client side libraries (Preferably Mootools).
  • Database and general data layer solutions (noSQL).
  • Advanced knowledge in professional aspects of web development such as Scaling and optimizations of existing application.

Currently we are working on several internal developments and on world wide client applications, it’s never boring basically.

Now, on to the interesting stuff :)



  • redis-objects – Map Redis types directly to Ruby objects.
  • DateJS – something like Chronic for javascript, awesome date and time management.
  • Typhoeus – As a pro Net::HTTP hater, i find this one really nice.
  • Who needs HAML? – “when you got YAML”, thinks Jose Valim.
  • Resty – Little command line REST interface that you can use in pipelines (bash or zsh).
  • jsChatJSON-based chat that has web and console clients, and a server.
  • Ruby Audio info – ruby-audioinfo glue together various audio ruby libraries and presents a unified API to the developper. Currently, supported formats are: mp3, ogg, mpc, ape, wma, flac, aac, mp4, m4a. some writes are available too.
  • CloudFront asset_host – Easy deployment of your assets on CloudFront for Rails.
  • Redis CheatSheet – weee.
  • Ruby-warrior – a ruby AI game.
  • Random Key generator – random password generator.