A Developer with a Pencil

Bag O' Links - 10/3/2010



  • nimble_nodes – Automatic scaling for Heroku Dynos. haven’t tried it but it does seem to be a nice solution, especially if you could set a threshold to your payments.
  • speks for Node.js – an RSpec-alike library for Node.js which is quiet nice actually.
  • remail is now opensourced – a successful and recently purchased by Google iPhone application is opensource, good to read.
  • oncloud – a really nice service that allow quick exposure of a rails app.
  • Examples of ActionMailer parameters – from Redmine.
  • EnigmaMachine – A queue based video encoder.
  • show_for – Dry your model’s attribute display views.
  • js_model – a simple DSL to create models in Javascript. includes validation and other fun stuff.. requires jQueyr tho.
  • A comprehensive CSS reset and basic layout document – and a really good one.
  • spritely – a really, REALLY impressive animation plugin for jquery. claims to compete with Flash too.
  • The panic status board – Pretty awesome implementation of a team-status viewer.
  • Login with twitter to your application, Rack version – might, just might, be useful.
  • DataMiner – Download and import XLS, ODS, XML, CSV into your active record models. It’s a little bit weird and out of context imo, but it might develop into something interesting.
  • cucumber-screenshots – capture screenshots of the pages generated by your Rails application as it runs your Cucumber/Webrat features (webkit only). For the other platform Watir will do the trick.