A Developer with a Pencil

Bag O' Links - 1/3/2010


  • OpenLayers – or the main page, a javascript mapping API, looks promising but as always almost, documentation sucks.
  • SnippetStash – another charm by bphogan, this time it’s a convenient tool to keep snippets around. beats gist since you can write a more visible descriptive text.
  • Canable – simple permission system for rails.
  • AuthlogicGenerator – Generate a complete Authlogic stack with authentication, activation and password reset.
  • 960static – generate static websites with 960.gs and StaticMatic.
  • Command line gists – i didn’t know it’s out there.
  • CorMVC – jQuery MVC framework – it’s been a while since i started looking for some javascript MVC resources, this might be reasonable.
  • Delorean – a space/time continuum abuser in ruby.
  • Main – a class factory and dsl for generating command line programs real quick.