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Facebooker Tips 1 - SessionExpired, Cucumber and Default Environment

For my next project i have to use Facebooker, which is currently the most stable Ruby gem that wraps the Facebook API.
Sadly it’s very badly documented and for the past 2 projects i’ve been using it, i remember exactly why i don’t really like this library.

So why do i use it and don’t write our own implementation? we’ll we do. but it will take some time since the Facebook API’s own documentation is a world of pain and we are not going to make the same mistake again and make a library with poor documentation.

So for the meanwhile, i’ll just post some useful tips we find along the way and might help others getting things to work:

Tip #1: SessionExpired

Yeah, i posted how to handle Facebook’s stupid Session Expiry in a safe manner before, thought it worth mentioning again.

Tip #2: Test your Facebook application with Facebook

Oh this was hell, there was absolutely no documentation about how to mock a facebook user and API interaction if you use Cucumber. I did find this tutorial which, just doesn’t work.

So for example if we use this scenario:

And this is how the step goes:

Note the usage of User#facebook_user, which basically returns a Facebooker::User instance:

Cucumber’s default environment

Cucumber runs on it’s own environment, default named Cucumber, so when you get something like that trying to run your features:

All you need to do is just to add another environment named cucumber in config/facebooker.yml :