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Bag O' Links - 21/1/2010

Rails 3 stuff

As some of you may know, this past weekend RailsBridge held it’s 3rd Bugmash event, focusing this time on Rails 3 integration and actual test driving.

Although i didn’t take an active part in this bugmash (oh clients…) i peeked once in a while to see how stuff are going on and it seemed to me, that people are actually having fun. Lots of people worked hard this weekend and i want to thank them all and hopefully join with a more vivid performance on the next bugmash.


  • BumpTop – 3D desktop for Mac. Looks nice, works pretty smooth but not sure how productive that is.
  • FriendlyORM – noSQL on MYSQL, inspired by FriendFeed’s usage of schema less storage.
  • Fog – interact with your Amazon/Rackspace cloud.
  • sinatra-pages – a Sinatra Extension that renders any page or sub-pages located under the views/ directory inside your Sinatra application.
  • scrooge – another gem to handle money data types as integers.
  • BloodHound – Simple key:value string conversion to hashes, with type casting.
  • wagn – hardcore wiki, will try this one soon.
  • url_store – store sensitive data, hashed in URLs.
  • ActsAsSolrReloaded – Solr duals Sphinx, again.
  • arid_cache – hardcore caching for ActiveRecord.
  • Rails reservation calendar plugin – Show multiple, overlapping reservations across calendar days and rows.